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Frequently asked questions on OSHA and ANSI, and what you need to know about compliance... 


Who is OSHA? 
OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) is a sub-agency of the US Department of Labor. It issues standards to segments of the work force and polices these regulations with a staff of inspectors who make periodic work site checks. The purpose of these standards is to insure workplace safety. Fines are imposed if repeated infractions are noted.

What are OSHA's requirements for a first aid kit?
Based on Federal OSHA Regulation Standard 1910.151.b: "Adequate first aid supplies shall be readily available." This rule applies to treatment of minor injuries that occur in the workplace.

What do I need to do to ensure OSHA compliance?
You should be concerned with OSHA compliance on both a federal and state level. Currently, 30 states follow the Federal OSHA regulations as stated above, while 22 states follow a regulation that combines the Federal standard and imposes an individualized state by state requirement. The state standard can be reviewed on the Internet or by contacting your local OSHA office. (need link information here)

Both Federal and State OSHA regulations do include the 'non-mandatory' requirements that coincide with ANSI's first aid kit regulations. As a company, we feel that eventually, these agencies will adopt ANSI as part of their regulation.

Can First Aid Kit Company help me be in compliance? 
All First Aid Kit Company industrial first aid kits meet or exceed Federal OSHA standards. Additionally, our line includes metal and plastic unitized kits that meet or exceed Federal OSHA standards and exceed the new ANSI requirements. For more information on the new ANSI standards see the section below.



What is ANSI?
The American National Standards Institute publishes minimum standards of quality for many items related to safety.

Do they have a minimum content requirement for first aid?
Yes, to be ANSI compliant a first aid kit must have the required minimum fill according to standard ANSI Z308.1-1998.

Is ANSI mandatory? 
No, BUT there are 20 states that have adopted ANSI standards as their state recommended requirements.

OSHA requires adequate first aid supplies to be available in the workplace but they don't require any specific contents. By recommending a specific fill, one will be guaranteed to find necessary items in an ANSI kit.

Does ANSI affect unitized colors? 
Yes, one of the most important parts of ANSI Z308.1-1998 is the standardization of colors on unitized refills. Bandages, Antiseptics, Burn Treatment, PPE and Misc items will each have their own color. This standardization will make it easy to recognize product quickly in an emergency.


For more information on OSHA or ANSI, see our Useful Links page.